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If you're tired from swimming in the sea, and your appetite can no longer wait, then the restaurant of Hotel Milies is definitely your first choice.

You can try delicious dishes such as:

  • crepes (sweet and savory)
  • toast,
  • club sandwitch,
  • omelettes
  • Greek salad, made with organic ingredients from our garden and our own olive oil.

If you are willing to try some traditional Greek dishes, fresh fish or pasta and pizza, then we can recommend some restaurants that will satisfy you completely. In a short distance from the Hotel Milies you will find:

  • The fishtavern Kalamatianos (next to our hotel) is the best place to enjoy fresh fish right on the edge of the sea. You will also find a large garden where your children can play with safety.
  • Amalthea, a tavern in Stavros, where you will find grilled meat and seafood that will satisfy even the most discerning palate.
  • Pizzeria Don Quijote in Stavros for delicious pastas and pizzas. Is also served vegetarian menu.
  • Giasemakis, a tavern in Stavros for traditional Greek dishes such as moussaka, pastitsio, etc.

Make your choice and enjoy it!!!



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