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Hotel Milies recommends its visitors, to visit the mill "Elaion Odoi," the domaine Biblia Chora and every Thursday the street market of Ano Stavros.

Mill "Elaion Odoi"

Since 1929, Lafazani family produces extra virgin olive oil “Elaion Odoi” (Olive Paths), in Amphipolis of Serres.

You can browse into the modern facilities and the bottling system of the mill.

You will find our olive oil in packages of  250ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 5L. You can choose among Extra Virgin, Virgin and Green Olive Oil.

You will also find 9 different formulations with herbs:

  • Spices, Herbs, Aromatic plants, Thyme & lemon rinds, Origanum & lemon rinds, Garlic & basil, Garlic & rosemary, Vinegar, garlic, caper & lemon, Chilly pepper and laurel leaves

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Domaine Biblia Chora

We recommend a visit in the Domaine Biblia Chora to buy wines of unique quality and taste, and to browse into this modern winery.

Domaine Biblia Chora is situated on the slopes of mount Pangeon at Kokkinochori, Kavala. In 1998, Vassilis Tsaktsarlis and Vangelis Gerovassiliou created a vineyard of biological cultivation which today extends to over 350 acres. Within this stretch of land is the modern winery in which the wines of the Domaine are produced.

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Street Market of Ano Stavros

Each Thursday in Ano Stavros you will find a street market, with many local food, homeware, clothing and footwear.

There you will find fresh fishes and variety of vegetables and fruits.

All products are available at very reasonable prices.

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