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Stavros, Milies and the whole area of Gulf Strymonikos generously offer sandy beaches that will definitely impress even the most discerning visitor.

We recommend the best ones:


  • Milies. The organized beach where Hotel Milies is located.

This is an ideal beach for families with young children, characterized by shallow and safe waters and lifeguard coverage. Here the visitor can also swim without using the umbrellas or the sun beds of the organized beach.

If you want to use the facilities of an organized beach then we highly recommend:

  1. Paradise beach, only 150m away from Hotel Milies, with comfortable parking, a café bar and playground
  2. Fouskes beach, only the 400m away from Hotel Milies, where you will find with changing rooms, showers, comfortable parking, snacks, coffee, ice cream, drinks and speakers playing lounge and reggae music.
  3. Yabanaki beach, only 600m away from Hotel Milies, with a great beach bar and many sea sports. Yabanaki stays open all night and even organizes fabulous beach parties.


  • Olympiada. On the way from Milies to Olympiada, Chalkidiki, you will find lot of small creeks that offer the enjoyment of the sea away from the noise of organized beaches. These solitary beaches are ideal for the romantic people because the sky colors at sunset are staggering.


The choice is yours!!!


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